Hey there! Laura Demmer here, the creative entrepreneur behind the scenes of Piper View Designs! I’m a dairy-loving lady from Wisconsin but now happily reside in the corn belt of Iowa.

A lover of all things cattle, dog mom to an adorable Cavapoo named Watson, enthusiastic traveler and an avid supporter of nights spent in the barn. My talents lay in bringing your passions and accomplishments to light through design and marketing. My passion consists of capturing your lifestyle and love through the imperfectly perfect moments of your everyday life. For more details on these aspects of my business you can navigate there from the menu above, for now though, I’d really like you to get to know the woman you’d be working with!

I’m a lover of road trips, I would much rather drive than fly and this is simply because I love to jam out, singing at the top of my lungs. I am however 87% sure I’m tone-deaf. The only kind of marathons I run are Netflix marathons. My favorite drink is a mango jalapeño margarita if I’m feeling fancy, a Michelob Ultra if I’m at a bar and a Crown Royal and Ginger Ale if I’m at a cattle show. I love my husband, Kyle, and my dog, Watson, they’re my favorite.

Extra sharp cheddar cheese is my achilles heel. I went to school for marketing and communications within the College of Agriculture at UW-Madison, I am a huge supporter of ag and local communities. You are also looking at the 2014 High Individual of the Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest and now my county’s junior dairy judging coach. I think half my ability to chit chat comes from my time judging.

I’m a Type 3 Enneagram, so I’m extremely determined and enthusiastic, I trust my gut and am self-driven to provide you with the best day and experience possible. I love to help others feel empowered and like their best selves.

Owning a creative business is by far the most rewarding and fulfilling adventure of my life. My job gives me so much purpose and it’s truly what drives me to be the best designer, strategist, and photographer for you! Working with clients who have a desire to improve today’s world, who know the meaning of hard work, who aren’t afraid to push their boundaries and who have a meaningful calling to the agricultural industry is what lights my fire. If you think you fit in that box, we may just make a magnificent team!

If you want to know more about me or about how I can help you, send me a note below! I hope to chat with you soon!