Big Changes. Bigger Challenges?

Have you heard that Facebook is changing their algorithms…again?! Yes, again! If you don’t know what algorithms are, the easiest way to explain it is it’s the data Facebook uses to choose what you see in your news feed. So what is changing? Well, the new change is going to put more focus on “meaningful social interactions” which can be interpreted multiple ways. What I have heard the most is content that has more conversation and shares on a post will show up more predominantly in your news feed than those posts that aren’t interacted with as much. Facebook has stated that they are going to show more posts from family and friends and updates that create conversations which results in less public content including fewer videos and content from businesses and other Facebook Pages.

What does this mean for small businesses like Piper View Designs? Well, that you may not always see the content Facebook Pages shares with you! What will you be seeing? This can’t be determined for sure but content like viral videos, news shares, celebrity posts, photos of cute baby animals, weddings and all that other fun stuff will be seen more throughout your news feed.

So for those of you who run your farms Facebook page, this will affect your reach and engagement which obviously isn’t the best situation to be in. So how can you counteract this change?

Here are a few tips to keep your engagement up and stay relevant in your follower’s news feed!

  • Create groups and events that spark your follower’s interest, they can join these and stay up to date on your business
  • Create and post helpful and insightful posts that will resonate with your followers and create a conversation. Example: Take a video of your morning calf chore routine, explain what you do and ask what other peoples protocols are for certain situations.
  • Email List. Create an opt-in on your website or through your Facebook Page that allows those who are interested in your business to sign up to get updates. If Social Media is changing how we can connect with our customers, we need to find other outlets to connect with them!

If you need help with this, or just want a quick tip or consultation on how to help your Facebook Page keep its engagement, shoot me a message. I know the struggle of trying to reach your ideal customer or consumer and feeling like nothings working. We’ve all been there and I want to help you stay relevant in your follower’s news feed!

Now if you made it this far, thank you! I appreciate your time and want to give you a little something for it. If you subscribe to my email list, either by opting in or by shooting me a message through my website here or through Facebook with your email I will be offering 15% a Logo or Ad Design until February 1st. I want you to also know, I don’t plan on weighing down your inbox. I will be sending one email a month about what I’ve been creating and working on and will also be providing FREE giveaways (like a social media marketing plan) or a discount for certain services in every email I send.

Again, I appreciate your time and hope to see you on my email list soon!

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