Mormann Dairy LLC

Exciting stuff is happening and I’m so excited to finally share this farm family photo session with you!

The Mormann family is a fun going, always up for a good time, laugh until you cry, cow loving bunch. Dan and Sandy along with their son Glen and his wife Mikha own and run Mormann Dairy and this summer they are hosting the IA State Holstein Picnic, our goal with this photo shoot was to get one picture for the association’s press release. It had rained a few inches the night before and caused a bit of delay in the day, and while Glen and Dan were catching up on some to-dos around the farm I got some great shots in of their calf barn and of the three wild flashes you may (or may not!) see zooming around the farm. Miles, Max and McLane are the three farm boys of Mormann Dairy and may I say the cutest boys in Delaware County?!

Capturing the everyday chaos that happens at the farm along with some great family photos is one of my favorite things to do, these photos fit that lifestyle perfectly and I can’t wait to be back for the picnic later this summer!

If you are loving what you see, remember you can enter to win a free photo session with me! You can find more details HERE!


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