Jason + Meredith

I had said I’d be better at blogging my sessions…..whoops! But to make up for it, here is an amazing session with a sweet couple who live only a town over from I!

When we we’re going into this session I told Meredith to have a few drinks and simply get ready for a fun night! I think making your session feel more like a date night is the way to go about any couple session! Whether that’s turning on some 90’s country love songs and jamming them out from the truck speakers or packing a cooler full of your favorite cocktails. It should be FUN! 🤪⠀

At the end of this session, Jason (who probably wasn’t looking forward to his time in front of my camera…) turns around in the truck, fist bumps me and says, “That wasn’t bad at all!” And I will take that as a huge WIN! 🙌🏼⠀

So if your man is a bit hesitant to taking your engagement or couple photos, you can promise him I’ll make him feel awkwardly uncomfortable (in a good way…kind of🤣), will crack some dirty-ish jokes and encourage some drinks to be had. ⠀

Plus you’ll get some of the most loved up and fun photos to cherish for a lifetime, not a bad deal, huh?!

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